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Research has proven that only 3% of process interruptions are related to utility power outages. The majority of industrial processes encounter unplanned interruptions or disturbances due to voltage sags initiated from users' premises – fortunately, most are avoidable.

Nettan Solutions

If the study carried out by NETTAN Solutions includes a diagnosis (NeTTan-3), specific products are prescribed to resolve specific power quality problems (i.e. EMC-related pollution, low power factor, sags, surges, transients, harmonics, etc.). Each diagnosis is carefully defined with clear recommendations providing the customer with an unbiased advice to choose the best products available in accordance to his needs.

Nettan Solutions

Products recommended by NETTAN Solutions are proven in the industry, compliant with applicable standards and utility criteria, cutting-edge technology and economically viable.

For its own permanent audits and for customers interested to buy measuring equipment including smart energy management systems (SEMS), NETTAN Solutions is proud to offer best-in-class products from Janitza Electronics GmbH, a leading global manufacturer well accepted internationally since 1961.

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